Tarima Orb

A Tarima Monastrell from Spain
& The Orb featuring David Gilmour – Metallic Spheres

Dark, inky hue entices into the rich, sexy body.  Notes of dark cherry, spicy cedar and chewy sweet tannins.  While this wine is huge, it is also quite elegant & so is this vinyl.

“The 2010 Tarima is 100% Monastrell made from Alicante grapes. It was fermented and aged sur lie in stainless steel. A glass-coating opaque-purple color, it displays notes of under brush, brier, violets, blueberry, and black cherry. This is followed by a spicy, forward, nicely proportioned effort that has enough structure to drink well for another 4-5 years.” 88 Points – Wine Review by JM, The Wine Advocate, Issue 195

The Orb’s Metallic Spheres featuring the guitar work of Pink Floyd axeman David Gilmour is a hypnotic ambient journey that is constantly on the move. It’s a piece of work that hints but doesn’t linger long in one place without evolving into something new.

As a musician, this is one of the things that I truly love about this album. While reviewers were less than favorable towards this release when it came out; the very things that bothered them most about the release are what I find to be so refreshingly hypnotic about it.

It’s best played as background music to wash over your evening. It’s not music that is meant to “entertain you” as much as it is music meant to fill your environment and set a trance like mood that elevates whatever activity you are undertaking while listening to it. It’s perfect mood music. It is the sound of Flow. It is music for the moment when you are so engrossed in something that you can actually leave time and consciousness of what you are doing behind and journey through the love of existing at that specific moment in time. It literally is an album that washes over you like the scent of a passing flower.

I truly have to come clean about one thing though, when I first purchased this album, I spent the first month listening to it on 33 1/3 speed on the turntable. To give myself some credit, this is actually the speed that the label designers printed on the vinyl! Only once I redeemed my complimentary digital copy of the album, did I  figure out that I had been listening to the album on the wrong speed! Imagine my surprise as I was on a plane heading somewhere the first time I brought up the digital version on my iPhone, I was like, well the digital version is a completely different album! lol :)

Surprisingly, the album actually worked at the slower speed as well! While Gilmour’s guitar parts are not nearly as obvious on the slower speed, it still has a cool vibe to it when you play it slower than it was recorded. Crazy! Needless to say though I only play the album on 45 rpm now and I still really love this vinyl!

In conjunction with the Alicante grapes of the Monastrell, the album has a smoky otherworldly quality that gives you a great sense of peace and tranquility. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for mood music to put yourself at ease. Cheers!