Segovia and the Mysterious Mountain

“Segovia and the Guitar” paired with a 2010 Borsao Garnacha

The original gold label Decca mono recording of one of the greatest classical guitarists of our time, paired with a Spanish Garnacha that heirs from under the mysterious Mt Moncayo, which has legends of strange caverns underground complete with glittering cities.

The Borsao Garnacha has a slightly above medium mouth feel, but the tannins remain light as the majority of the wine is Garnacha. The wine reverses direction from the nose as the tempranillo grape adds a bitter cherry and raisin character to the raspberry background. The finish is all fresh zesty raspberry making this wine perfect for any desert course pairing filled with spicy chocolate.

In conjunction with Segovia’s delicate yet masterful touch on this vinyl recording, the experience leaves one yearning to sit back and gaze at mysterious Mt. Moncayo while sipping the zesy sweetness that the grapevines before you have brought forth, leaving you truly ready for a romantic Spanish night.


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