Guest Contributions

On this page we’ll be featuring vinyl pairings that you send in to us! Connect with us on Twitter or Facebook and get us a picture and description of your best vinyl pairing.
If we can, we’ll feature it here on the Guest Contributions page of the site!

This guest pairing comes from my friend Judith Simmonds here in Austin. The Prosecutors is her husband Doug’s band from back in the 80’s. While there are a few inside jokes to coincide with the Mad Dog pairing, there are other elements within the post that deserve elaboration, such as Doug’s brother Richard LaValliere’s custom tapestry and leather jacket. Richard passed away this year and this pairing is as much a tribute to him as it is to the upcoming Prosecutors reunion gig in Milwaukee.

I’m sure there are many that will see the Mad Dog and cringe thinking, what in the world were they thinking? I for one get it and I love it. It’s the ultimate punk rock tribute that has such personal depth that I’m honored to even be able to add it to this blog. Thanks so much Judy! Here’s to Richard, here’s to the reunion and here’s to life. It’s all we’ve got. Let’s have a good time! In closing here’s an awesome article with Judy and Doug’s friend Kevn Kinney from  Drivin and Cryin remembering Richard. Peace!


This pairing comes to us from my pal Cassandra Pamachena in Mesa, Arizona!
I know Cassie has been dealing with some serious health issues and we wanted to let her know that we’re thinking about her. Here’s her contribution! A double shot of classic Journey and Alan Parsons paired with a Sam Adams Octoberfest Special Brew!
Thanks Cassie! 😉


This guest pairing comes to us via my Facebook friend Sergey Verstov from Moscow! Sergey Posted this on our Facebook page as a New Years Pairing. Featuring a Russian edition of a Paul McCartney vinyl, a stuffed dragon representing the 2012 year of the dragon and a classic London Dry Gin! Great job Sergey awesome pairing!

A New Year coming soon, so new Vinyl Pair to 2012: Sir James Paul McCartney – Снова в СССР (Back In USSR) 1988 and Gordon’s London Dry Gin brings you more warm and Christmas mood — with Dragon From China 😉, Gordon’s Gin, Paul McCartney and Мелодия in Moscow, Moscow City, Russia.

A guest pairing from Dana Brown in Austin, Texas.
A Saturday morning safe for the kids pairing! A first for us. 😉
It doesn’t always have to be about the alcohol. Thanks Dana! This is awesome!

A piping warm cup of coffee and a classic Sesame Street vinyl!


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