Don’t Say No

Don't Say No-wm1981’s Don’t Say No by Billy Squier and a circa 1842 Czech Pilsner Urquell

pilsner urquellSolid as a rock! This pilsner and this album are both stead fast, true, simple and to the point. There’s no bull shit with either of these classic works of art. Bragging rights for being the first pilsner in the world, the Czech Republic truly knows how to make a quality brew and as far as pilsners go, this is still my favorite. Since 1842, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I think if they ever tried to change the recipe, there would probably be a revolution.

Urquell essentially translates to “original source” and I’d have to think that Mr Billy Squier tapped into a bit of the original source when creating this masterpiece of the 1980’s. I’m not ashamed to admit it at all, that I loved this album from the first time I heard it back in 1981. Throw in some classic MTV and this album is made of memories for me from a very impressionable age. Start to finish, every song on this vinyl is rock and roll perfection. Straight ahead, never blurring the meaning, well okay maybe a double entendre or two with songs like “The Stroke” but it’s the deep cuts where this album shines. “In the Dark”, “Too Daze Gone”, “Lonely is the Night” and “Nobody Knows”; every song is classic rock goodness.

DSN-vinylIf you want to reminisce back to the classic days of MTV, Billy Squier and this album had a pretty good foothold in that era and it surely does the job. Billy made a few more great albums but this one was certainly the masterpiece out of them all. It’s an album that I still cherish in the vinyl collection and break it out from time to time when I need a straight ahead rock and roll fix. Billy Squier’s Don’t Say No delivers. While you’re at it, grab yourself the original pilsner and turn them both up!
Till next time!
Na zdraví, which means cheers in Czech!

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