Dubber Dreaming

A 2009 North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon by The Dreaming Tree
Dubber Side of the Moon by Easy Star All Stars

Since I have no Dave Mathews on vinyl yet and this is his wine collaboration, hopefully I did ok by him in pairing this wine with one of the coolest reggae vinyl’s of 2010, Easy Star All Star’s Dubber Side of the Moon. Which is an album of remix versions of their original Dub Side of the Moon album that was released in 2003 on fabulously sexy marbled green vinyl.

Dubber is an entirely new level from the original album. The remixes take more liberties whereas the original album was more about faithfully recreating the Pink Floyd classic in the reggae style. I truly love them both!

The Dreaming Tree Cabernet is an extremely rich and smoky cab, which makes perfect sense when pairing it with this extremely smoky reggae vinyl. Classic aromas of blackberry, cherry, and dry herb notes are wrapped by toasted vanilla and soft, mouth-filling tannins. Elegant and supple, it’s an easy-drinking wine with a lot of character.