The Other Jack


A Black Label 8 year old George Dickel Whisky
& 2012’s Blunderbuss by Jack White

The lesser known Middle Tennessee sour mash due only to the fact that they don’t spend money on advertising like their sibling Jack, on the other side of the mountain does. This keeps the price of Dickel much more to my liking and the whisky itself is just as good if not better. So while I will give Jack my patronage when I’m out in a bar, when I stock my own everyday whisky at home it’s the 8 year old George that I reach for.

Jack’s camp has been setup in the area for quite a few years now and I’d have to say I like what he’s doing with the place. Since Tennessee is my old stomping grounds, it’s nice to see some radical things coming out of Nashville again. Blunderbuss is a start to finish course in quality vintage sounds. The vinyl has an amazing warmth and sense of definition to it, due to the fact that it was made in the old school approach through pretty much the entire process of the production.

Sit back, sip and enjoy, such quality seems to be getting rarer and harder to find these days. Let’s savor it while we can. Cheers!