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 About Vinyl Pairings!

2015-VINYL-COLLECTIONVinyl Pairings is all about bringing together music on vinyl with a wine or spirit that elevates the listening experience to another level. Many would argue that with enough alcohol it’s going to sound pretty awesome no matter what vinyl album you put on. While there is some truth to that, I think there is a dimension of taste that can bridge the experience of a mixed drink or fermented grape with the overall spirit of an artist’s album creating a greater appreciation for the work. The work of the winery, the distiller, the musician, the producer and the designer of the artwork all combined in a cacophony of pleasure for all the senses. Vinyl allows for a tactile and visual experience to the music that is not present in other forms. It has substantial artwork and not to mention it just plain sounds better!

Some of our pairings are truly coincidences that I just come across when listening to music. There’s not always a lot of thought that goes into the pairing, sometimes they are just discovered. I may have on a classic Ozzy Black Sabbath album and feel like having a shot of Tequila, suddenly we have a pairing and the camera comes out. Other times I may have a glass of wine in my hand and think of the perfect song that the taste of the wine reminds me of. This can come from trying to describe the wine or it might even just be an overall feeling and vibe I get from the body of the wine. An example where this occurred was the Genesis “A Trick of the Tail” pairing, At some point I described the wine as having ripples of a certain flavor running through it and “Ripples” is one of my favorite songs by Genesis so presto the pairing was born.

274f3cb5be1c181623cde1ebe0e6a0adThe pairings are generally meant to be all in fun and never taken too serious. I think everyone’s experience and exposure to music will vary greatly so there are no wrong answers. As long as it gives you the feeling that it is right, then it probably is. Much like life, music and a tasty beverage are meant to be enjoyed in the moment without giving much thought as to how you arrived, just being grateful that the beauty of it all is there with you in the moment.

Feel free to try your own and feel free to contact us and send us any pairings you would like to create on your own and we will feature them on our Guest Contributions page!

Enjoy everyone! Cheers! Salud! Santé! Proost!


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A 2013 North Coast Pinot Noir from Ramsay Wines
& the 1971 studio release “Ram” by Paul McCartney

We’re going to let Celia Ramsay have most the words on this pairing.

“Even though I know how to use a Smartphone, I’d still rather go dancing than watch television, and I find nothing more satisfying than singing with my friends next to a fire. We are here so briefly that missing a single opportunity to connect with people seems a crime. That’s why we drink wine – it softens the hardness of the day, and loosens our tongues so that we may confide in a friend, share the day’s events with a spouse, or sparkle with a lover over a romantic dinner. This is why we are alive – to be together.” –Celia Ramsay

We’ll just add that this album & a most delicious Napa Pinot Noir as this makes a fine accompaniment for any life anytime, anywhere.

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